Baby | 5 Tips To Surviving The Newborn Months

MeetMaxwell-44My son is fresh out of the newborn stage and as I was reflecting on the last 3 1/2 months I came up with tips that helped me survive the newborn stage.

These are tips for you mom to physically and mentally survive those exhausting, but amazing first few months.

1) Let Some Natural Light In

My doctor told me to make sure I go outside to get some sunlight on my face. He said, “it was good for the brain”. Now those first few weeks are pretty hard to “get out”, but I do think there is something to getting some sunlight.

I would make it part of my daily routine to open the curtain and blinds in the kitchen, living room, my room and even the nursery. Oddly, it helps you feel like you are still apart of the outside world.

2) Find 30 Minutes To Yourself

Now, this might sound easy or impossible. I think it is a little of both. It really is easy to find 30 minutes a day. Although, you are exhausted in the first few months and you either don’t have the energy to do anything or you really don’t want to leave your baby.

I encourage you at least two or three times a week, hand baby to daddy and take 30 minutes away from baby. I would either to go Target, get a Starbucks and walk through the store. If I didn’t want to physically leave the house I would run a bath with a Lush bath bomb, usually with ice cream in hand, and catch up on my favorite YouTube channels.

Not only is it good for you to take 30 – 60 mins away from baby, it is good for baby and daddy to bond without you around.

3) Light A Candle

Most nights I found myself camped out in my room between the hours of 8pm – 10pm . My daughter was in bed and I was waiting until 10pm when I needed to feed Max next. Those nights I would light my favorite candle.

It is 8pm and it feels like the entire world is getting ready for a peaceful night of sleep and you… well your night is just getting started. You know you will be up throughout the night or all night with baby. I found lighting a candle helped relax me and feel like I can conquer the night.

4) Shower, Brush Your Teeth, and Change Your Clothes

This tip is key. At about 11am everyday was my chance to shower, brush my teeth, change my clothes AND I even put some make-up on. With a newborn you pretty much walk around with spit-up on your clothes and if you are nursing you know the struggle of leaking. Just being able to shower, brush your teeth and change your cloths helps you feel good. I would change from my pajamas into yoga pants or leggings and a new nursing tank top. It felt good have fresh clean cloths on.

I bought a tinted moisturizer with the intention of using it once my son was born. About 95% of the time I would apply a tinted moisturizer, mascara and blush. That made me feel even better! If you like make-up, I would suggest a tinted moisturizer for daily use.

5) Have Perspective

In the moment of taking care of a newborn, it is exhausting and overwhelming. It feels like it will never end. In the grand scheme of things this stage is only a blink of time in their life and in your life. The long nights, the hurt from nursing, the stress of making bottles at 2 am and endless google searches on “is this normal…” will soon pass and you will be looking at your baby sitting up, crawling, walking and even talking. When you feel like it is hard and the thought of another stressful day is overwhelming, try to keep this perspective: It really is a short window of time that they are this small.

Watch my video as I share these tips!


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