Black and White Modern Nursery

Once I found out I was having a boy I knew exactly how I wanted the nursery to look. I did a vintage theme for my daughters nursery and I wanted to do the opposite with my sons nursery and go more modern. I was in love with the idea of using black and white all through the room. I went with a black and white modern theme. I mixed bold patterns and touches of gray to break up the bold contrast of the black and white.

When planning the room, I had no idea that this red airplane would be a big part of the room. My uncle made this incredible wooden airplane as a surprise gift for Max. Not only is it an amazing gift,  but it has become my favorite feature of the room.



The room use to be a guest room and the walls were beige and the chevron stripes were a teal color. I loved the bold pattern on the wall and wanted to keep the chevron stripes, but paint them black.  As my husband started to paint the stripes black he said, “Is this what you wanted”. Which seems to be a typical question he asks as he dose by crazy projects, but in the end he always loves the results.

The crib, changing table and dresser are all from Ikea. I went back and forth on how I wanted to paint the dresser. I decided on gray for a few reasons: one we already had the color on hand and two I think it added just another dimension to the room.


The bedding was a bit harder to find since you can’t really find this style in stores. I found the sheet and changing pad cover on a cute website called Olli + Lime. I also did buy a blanket from there, although the design was cute, it was not worth the money! But the sheets and changing pad cover were perfect! As for the other textiles, I found the round rug on overstock for an amazing deal! The pillow cover and curtains were from Amazon.



As for the rest of the walls. I was obsessed with the tangles decals and knew I needed to use them somewhere. I used them on the wall the door is on and the dresser is against. This way I didn’t have to worry about covering the entire wall with the decals.

A giant metal letter M adorns a small wall by the closet door. Above the changing table are pieces of art I actually designed, printed and framed myself. I love the personal touch it brings.

Overall, this room turned out exactly how I in-visioned it and it is the perfect little boys nursery!

Check out the video below to watch me walk you through the room!


Photo Credit: Raelyn Elizabeth Photography


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