Entertaining | Tips for Hosting a Going Away Party

Going Away Parties can usually consist of a bigger guest list than most parties you host. How to house and feed a bigger guest list can quickly become overwhelming. Here are 3 helpful tips to keep the party functional and a blessing to the one it is honoring.

Small going away party

Tip #1: Set an Open Time Frame

Giving the guests the ability to come and go between a set time frame can help reduce the amount of people in your home at once. This will help reduce the stress of trying to decide where to put everyone.

Tip #2: Keep the Menu Simple

Now that you have established an open time frame we need a menu that caters to feeding people for a 2-4 hour time frame. Stick with grazing foods.

The perfect menu for this is:

  • Meat and Cheese Tray with Assortments of Crackers
  • Fruit with an Amazing Fruit Dip (Get this dip receipe here)
  • Veggie Tray
  • Assortments of Olives
  • Have you ever had cream cheese with a sweet pepper jelly? It’s a must!

This type of menu allows you the ease to refill as the night goes on and easy for guest to graze as they come and go.

Tip #3: Keep the Decorations Inexpensive and Personalize it

Make it about the food table. Find creative ways to display the food, add signs that say good bye to the honorees and even incorporate your gift into the decorations. With chalk board anything and craft paper all the trend right now you can find them anywhere, I mean anywhere: The dollar section at Target, your craft store, even the Dollar Store. You can get that trendy put together look for inexpensive. You also can never go wrong by adding fresh flowers to the mix. Traders Joe’s is a perfect place to buy beautiful flowers for a really good price.

Now enjoy the party and don’t hesitate to honor your best friend as she leaves on her next adventure!



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