DIY | Newborn Hospital Shadow Box

When my daughter was born I went home with all the random hospital items: blankets, signs, wristbands and a few other items from her NICU stay. I wanted to keep it all, but I didn’t want it to just sit in a box to never be seen again. So I did what every other person does, turn to Pinterest for ideas.

Then I found a Hospital Shadow Box and I knew this is something I can easily do!

Here is what I used and how I put it together.

Items I used:

IMG_6786A blanket from the hospital.

IMG_6787 This is a box filled with items from the hospital and I pick out what items I wanted to use.  (wristbands, measuring tape, blood pressure cuff and other random items)

IMG_6788  I used a newborn size onesie that Lily wore while in the NICU. Also, I included a picture of her wearing the onesie. This is one of my favorite pictures of her in the NICU. It’s a picture of mu husband feeding her and it shows just how tinny she was. You might use your child’s going home outfit.


Shadow box big enough to fit all the items. This can easily be picked up at your craft store and make sure to use your 40% off or even 50% off coupons. It’s a steal when you do!


Lastly,double sided tape.

Steps to build your shadowbox:

Step 1: The blanket I used as the backdrop in the shadow box. You can cut the blanket to fit, which might be easier. I ended up folding it under to make it fit.


Step 2: Start to arrange everything on the blanket until you find a layout that you love that fits all your items.

I used her onesie, measuring tap (I put a heart on the measuring tape to indicate what her length was at birth so its not just a random measuring tape.), my wristband, Andrews wristband and her wristbands, one of her blood pressure cuffs, the sign that hung on her crib in the NICU, a picture, a sign that congratulated us on her birth and had all her stats listed, and a few other small items from the NICU.


Step 3: Tape everything down.  Double sided tape worked great for me. The tape stuck  to the blanket and all the items.

Step 4:  Lastly, assemble the shadow box and find a place to hang it.

Hope this helped inspire you to make one! With baby number 2 on it’s way I will need to make another one soon!


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